Chad Porter & Travis Stevens BAREBACK in Wichita

What are you doing right now - remember that as this is the time when you first say Chad Porter. Who? Get to know as the latest Jason Sparks Nationwide... [read more]

Troye Jacobs & Jax Thirio Chapter 2

Jax Thirio and Troye Jacobs pair up yet again in this week’s banging bonanza. And when there’s sizzling chemistry like this between two hot, horny... [read more]

Dustin Tyler & Tanner Bradley BAREBACK in Sarasota

Dustin Tyler's muscled physique is like a wonderful playground for Tanner Bradley to explore. From his lightly furred pecs to his tasty cock Tanner makes... [read more]

Scott Demarco & Nick Haynes Chapter 1

Nick loves sex. Sex of all kinds. He’s been mostly with women, but is curious about how good sex with men can be. He’s lucky, since Scott is standing... [read more]

Lux Archer & Jack Hunter BAREBACK in Knoxville

You've already met Jack today we introduce sexy blonde Lux Archer. He's got a killer smile and a sexy body with a big cock. So Jack definitely ends up... [read more]

Tom Bentley & Jack Bailey Chapter 2

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Shawn Andrews & Antonio Paul BAREBACK in Madison

This week we have two of the guys on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Bareback Road Trip fucking each other - you guessed it BAREBACK. Shawn and Antonio have... [read more]

Jeremy George and Kane Creek Chapter 1

It’s back to Atlanta this week to check in on fan favorite, Jeremy George, who’s been paired up with newcomer, Kane Creek. Jeremy’s one hell of... [read more]

Kyle Evans & Travis Stevens BAREBACK in Omaha

Meet Jason Sparks' latest porn-star-in-the-making find Kyle Evans. Kyle's from Omaha and loves country music, likes to travel - oh and he is naturally... [read more]

Tyler Tanner and Ethan Tate Chapter 1

Tyler and Ethan are both seriously cute… and incredibly horny. And these two facts prove to be a winning combination in the latest film from Jason Sparks... [read more]

JJ Knight, Scott DeMarco & Zack Grayson BAREBACK in Atlanta

Travelling around the country on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search can lead to a lot of down time. But when you're as hot and horny as these guys... [read more]

Jax Thirio & Jesse Bolton BAREBACK in Atlanta Chapter 3

Jesse Bolton and Jax Thirio return for another horny encounter in the latest film from Jason Sparks. The chemistry is instantly off-the-charts as the two... [read more]