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Cole Blue & Eli Bennett BAREBACK Chapter 4

Eli Bennett and Cole Blue have found themselves with a few hours to spare in a motel in Atlanta and these two horny twink boys know exactly how gonna occupy themselves! With no time to waste, they impatiently kick the bedroom door shut and excitedly strip down to their jockstraps. They kiss passionately, aggressively rocking and thrusting their groins towards each other. Cole is soon on his back, giant dick iron-hard and pointing towards the ceiling, begging for Eli’s tender lips. Eli doesn’t disappoint; he gives crazy-good head. Cole spreads his long legs wide, grabs his nipples, and throws his head back in a state of profound sexual satisfaction. Cole turns over and presents his hungry ass to Eli, who immediately starts eating him out, using his prehensile tongue and probing fingers to explore every available inch of Cole’s perfect butt - both inside and out. Cole’s hole is soon wet and ready for breeding and Eli is keen to oblige, turning Cole onto his back and thrusting his impressive meat deep into the sexy boy’s butt. Eli immediately picks up the pace and, within minutes, is penetrating Cole with almost frenetic energy. Cole pants and gasps. It’s almost as though Eli is banging the breath out of his body. A change of position finds Cole on his front again as Eli’s strokes intensify. He’s now literally ramming himself into Cole, balls smacking noisily and rhythmically against Cole’s firm, peachy ass cheeks. Eli withdraws and Cole immediately cums real hard. Eli races down to Cole’s pulsating dick to catch the spraying semen with his tongue. [Read more]

Chad Porter & Travis Stevens BAREBACK in Wichita

What are you doing right now - remember that as this is the time when you first say Chad Porter. Who? Get to know as the latest Jason Sparks Nationwid...e Model Search find is destined to be a porn superstar. He's that super hot jock you always fantasised about in High School who got all the girls but as it turns out was hot for the assistant coach. He is gorgeous and a total sex fiend. He's here with Travis Stevens who has been building a huge following himself of late - make sure you check out the interview to get the first of Travis' great news this month! [Read more]

Troye Jacobs & Jax Thirio Chapter 2

Jax Thirio and Troye Jacobs pair up yet again in this week’s banging bonanza. And when there’s sizzling chemistry like this between two hot, horny... men, why not encourage them to pair up as often as possible? As ever, the most striking thing about this pairing is the contrast between them. Both are smooth and beautifully chiseled, but Jax is older and considerably more tan than his younger, milk-white bedfellow. The make-out session is as intense as it is passionate. They kiss sensuously, perfect bodies lustfully intertwined, tongues flickering and dancing wantonly, hands groping, groins thrusting. They’re as into each other as it’s possible for two guys to be. Jax hungrily sucks the younger man's enormous dick and gags repeatedly. Streams of thick saliva roll down Troye’s shaft. Troye leans against the couch and presents his butt to Jax, who thrusts his slippery tongue and long fingers deep into his tight, twink-boy hole. Troye squirms and squeals with ecstatic delight as his ass is well-and-truly probed and poked. Jax slowly sinks his beautiful, rock hard dick into Troye. Within seconds, he’s brutally using the whimpering boy’s tiny hole. Then a breathless Troye sits on Jax’ lap while the older man skewers him aggressively. They mutter excited words of encouragement to each other. The final position finds Troye on his back while Jax slides his big, solid dick in and out of the boy’s guts. Jax pumps harder and faster until his balls start to tingle. The semen rises and he explodes suddenly, lining Troye’s well-stretched insides with a thick layer of juice. [Read more]

Dustin Tyler & Tanner Bradley BAREBACK in Sarasota

Dustin Tyler's muscled physique is like a wonderful playground for Tanner Bradley to explore. From his lightly furred pecs to his tasty cock Tanner ma...kes the most of every sexy inch. He jumps on top of Dustin and rides that bare cock like the best ever roller coaster he's been on. Then Dustin turns him over and pounds his ass - exploding in shower of cum all over Tanner. [Read more]

Scott Demarco & Nick Haynes Chapter 1

Nick loves sex. Sex of all kinds. He’s been mostly with women, but is curious about how good sex with men can be. He’s lucky, since Scott is by, hot and horny! Scott rolls him onto his back and lays on top, diving deeper and deeper with every kiss. Nick absent-mindedly starts to stroke his own cock; he’s more into this than he realized! That hard-on is too much temptation for Scott; he’s gotta taste it! Nick lets out a loud gasp and moan as Scott starts to give one of the best blowjobs he’s ever had. Nick’s eyes roll back into his head and he moans in pleasure and ecstasy! He gets even louder when Scott plays with Nick’s balls while taking that fuckstick down his throat! Will our straight boy like rimming? Scott swings around behind ready to dive in. Nick’s got a sweet asshole and offers it up freely! Scott’s tongue plunges deep. His beard scruff adds even more sensation to the rim job. Nick shivers with excitement; every new technique is better than the last! And at last the main event! Nick’s gonna bottom! Scott lays Nick on his stomach and enters gently, but once he’s in, he’s ready to pound! How much can this straight boy take? Scott’s determined to find out. Nick’s groans get louder and louder with each position Scott puts him in. Now Nick’s begging Scott to breed him! Get ready, Nick, that thing’s about to blow! [Read more]

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